Professor Enyinna Okpara


Professor Enyinna Okpara, an esteemed figure in Accounting and Finance, epitomises academic distinction and professional acumen. With a comprehensive academic background culminating in a PhD, M.Sc., MBA, B.Sc., PGD, HND, and NCE, he stands as a paragon of scholarly excellence.

As the Dean of the College of Social and Management Sciences at Wellspring University, Benin City, Professor Okpara demonstrates visionary leadership, fostering an environment of innovation and academic excellence. His focus underscores a commitment to shaping future leaders and fostering intellectual growth.

Beyond academia, Professor Okpara’s impactful career spans corporate and military sectors, including a notable tenure as an Accounts/Logistics Manager at the esteemed Dangote Group and service as a Commissioned Officer in the Nigerian Army, reaching the rank of Captain.

Renowned for his expertise in financial management and tax consultancy, Professor Okpara’s contributions at Akintola Williams Deloitte reflect his proficiency and dedication. His journey is a testament to excellence, integrity, and leadership, inspiring countless professionals and scholars alike.

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