Ground Handling

We offer the highest level of safe and consistent ground handling services to our airline partners in all the airports we operate in. Whether we’re helping passengers face to face, or ensuring seamless behind-the-scenes flight operations – you can rely on Nahco Aviance to deliver the promises you make to your customers.

At the Ramp, NAHCO Aviance takes cognisance of the minute operational details to meet all demands in handling general air traffic, baggage, flight dispatch, aircraft cleaning, cargo operations and in liaising with customs, airlines and airport authority on operational matters. That is why we say ramp wraps it all given the flurry of our carefully coordinated activities to ensure hitch-free aircraft departure or arrival.

All these operations are guided by the philosophy of timeliness and orderliness; which translates to on-time departure as well as on time baggage delivery to passengers.

Acquisition of the latest Ramp 0peration equipment is a continuous process in NAHCO Aviance. Our Air Starter Units (ASU), Ground Power Units (GPU), Toilet Browsers, newly acquired 32 ton Main Deck Loaders, High Loaders, Aircraft steps testify to our commitment to give our clients quality and efficient service.

Our company recently invested about N2 billion in the acquisition of more Ground Support Equipment (GSE) to boost our operations.